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What We Mean When We Say "Picky"

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We built Picky Mickey for people who are awesome enough to know what they love and what foods they can safely eat. We just want people to be able to find the foods they love easier at the parks.

When we say picky, we don’t mean fussy. We mean choosy or discerning.

Just like I hope my daughter is picky with who she dates and the friends she surrounds herself with. I love that she knows what she likes and doesn’t like in life. As her mom, I am glad she is able to tell me that certain foods are not enjoyable for her. I know not every parent has that luxury.

For my son with food allergies, I am so glad we were able to find what was making him so sick and eliminate it from his diet. We had a lot of hard conversations with family members that Celiac and being gluten free wasn’t a choice or a fad, it was the way he could stop being so uncomfortable and having so many health issues.

This tool is designed for all types of people. This includes people with strong preferences, allergies, medical concerns, and just favorite comfort foods they like in the park.

Image of a cocktail at Trader Sams
There are some amazing cocktails throughout the parks!

Even if you are 45 years old and just really love pizza, it is your Disney vacation, let’s help you find some pizza! If you just want a cocktail with dinner or you want to eat in the AC – we can help you with that as well.

If you are a mom of a kid that will only eat hamburgers right now, we want to help you know exactly what locations will work for your family. We also want you to feel confident that you can enjoy the trip and not spend as much time worrying about finding food your little one will eat.

As a mom of one child with food allergies and another with some sensory issues, I can tell you it is very, very rare to have someone choose to have dietary issues just to be difficult.

Whether it is for an allergy, medical issue, religious, or political concern, someone who has a dietary need is not being “picky” as in fussy. Trust me, that gluten free kid wishes they could have a churro with everyone. That teen with the peanut allergy wishes they could just eat whatever their friends were having.

Gluten Free Pizza At Alien Pizza Planet
Gluten Free Pizza At Alien Pizza Planet

We know the term “picky” can be sensitive in our communities, but we would like to reclaim that word as a positive one.

If you or someone you love has a dietary concern, know that there are few safer, more accommodating places to visit than Disney. There are lots of options and they are very careful. We want to help you find those options.

We want everyone, regardless of dietary concerns or preferences, to be able to find the food they love quickly in the parks. We hope this tool helps people young and old have better, safer, and tastier trips to the parks.

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