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You shouldn't have to "study" for a vacation...

Our mission is to help people go on magical vacations without feeling like they have to spend hours researching and planning for their trip. A family vacation should be fun, and we think it wrong that planning a trip to Disney has become so stressful and overwhelming. We are here to help share the tips and tricks to planning an amazing Disney vacation, just like we do with our closest friends. We aim to bring the magic back to your trip so you can focus on making memories.  

A Disney vacation is expensive.  If we ask you to trust us to help you plan your trip, we think it might be a good idea to tell you a little bit about us and why we are so driven to help people plan their trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.   Here is a little about our founders.

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Robyn and George - Co-Founders of ParkMagic
Robyn Family Small Word.


I grew up in southern California.  So we went to Disneyland as a kid quite often.  I have memories in those blue plastic strollers and my dad’s arms around me the first time I rode Star Tours, and even just sitting on the curb of Main Street USA eating a chocolate banana.  


Then as I became an adult I started to create new memories bringing my boyfriend (now husband) on our first trip to Disney.  When I lost a child to miscarriage in the second trimester, I found it hard to function.  I owned my own business and had two small children, so I knew I needed to keep moving. 

So I planned a trip to Disney- because I really just needed a little joy in my future.  On that trip, I made some of my favorite memories with my kids.  With my daughter on my shoulders during the fireworks, they started playing “Baby of Mine” from Dumbo.  I started crying, the good kind of cry.  It sounds crazy to say that Disney helped me heal, but it really did. 


From then on I went from someone who “liked” Disneyland and Disney World to someone that “loved” the parks.  My kids, husband, and I come back as often as we can.  As we became known in our group of friends as “the Disney people” I would start taking my friends and guiding them through my favorite experiences and foods at Disney.  It has always brought me a lot of joy. 


My son had a rocky start and we realized that Celiac disease was the likely culprit.   Disney was the one place I knew I could always trust with his food allergies/intolerances.   Then my daughter developed some anxiety and sensory issues that made her what some would call a picky eater.  Being a mom of kids with allergies and food issues can be challenging, but blogs and Facebook groups helped us navigate things.   Now I want to do the same for others. 


Spending time in the Disney parks just makes me happy.  Before moving to Florida we lived in California and we have some wonderful memories at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts with our kids.  


Disney is a great way for me to get a short escape from reality.  I also really love watching other people enjoy their vacations from reality inside the Disney bubble. 


Over the years we have found that even just a few tips and tricks can make a trip to Disney so much more fun for everyone.  So I love that I can help people have more fun at Disney by giving them a few pointers, and a little bit of a helping hand.


I am excited to share with others the magic I get every time I take friends or family on a trip.   Whether it is on a Disney Cruise, Adventure, or even just a day in the parks.  


One of my favorite things to do is to take someone who has never really been to Disney and show them all of the fun tricks I have learned over the year.   Watching the joy on their faces is really the best part of many of my trips!

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