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Helping you bring back the magic to your trip to Disneyland because you shouldn't have to study for a vacation.


Ticket Comparison Tool

Compare Disneyland Tickets Deals

Ticket Comparison Tool- Trying to find the best deal for your park tickets?  We built a tool that helps you find the lowest prices in just a few clicks and compare the different ticket types.


TripMagic Planning Tool
Build You Trip Itinerary

We walk you through every step of building your trip.  We link back to our ParkMagic University course to make sure you can get any important details.  You can input all your travel information and use our tool as a trip planning checklist.  We even build a printable itinerary, so all your travel information is in one place.


ParkMagic University
A Step By Step Planning Tips

This completely free course walks you through planning your trip to Disneyland.  Going through this course makes sure you understand when you need to book, tips for saving money, and what needs to be reserved before your trip. We even have tools to help you build your Disney budget and worksheets to help you feel completely prepared.


Picky Mickey
A Food and Booze Finder

Explore and filter through all of the menus at Disney.   Find the locations that have the foods your kids will eat or cocktails you will love. You can even save your favorite foods you see on social media and we will tell you email you a week before if they are taken off the menu when you add them to a daily plan for your trip.


Search and Filter Rides, Shows, and Meet & Greets

Quickly filter by ride type, height requirements, and more to find all of the attractions, shows, and meet and greets you won’t want to miss.  You can save attractions you want to see on your trip and add them to your daily park plan. 


Daily Park Planner
Build A Customized Disney Day

Build a daily plan for your park day using our preloaded itineraries or from the rides and dining locations you have saved from Picky Mickey and RideFind.  You can put attractions in the order you want to tackle the parks.  With the ability to change your plans at a moment’s notice, keep track of reservations, check off attractions as you complete them, and we even tell you what order we recommend booking your Lightning Lanes. 

Tips for Your Trip

Magic Univeristy

We created a course just for you! Everyone has that Disney friend. Well we have written out all the tips that we use to make amazing memories at Disneyland. This includes tips on planning and spending less time in line.

Go To Magic University


This complete planning checklist and itinerary builder will be your go-to resource for organizing your trip. You can save all of your travel confirmations in one place, so you can feel confident that you haven't forgotten anything.


We have a database of all the attractions at Disneyland and you can sort by the ride type, height requirements, and even see which attractions work with Genie Plus.  Walk into the parks with a iist of attracionts your family will love. 


Wether this is your first trip or your fiftieth, we help you sort, filter, and discover the food and attractions that will your family will love.  We also provide the ability to filter by food allergies and see accessibility options for attractions.

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