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Less time in line with Ride Spy

Ride times are generally the shortest when the park first opens and right after coming online after being down.  Get alerted when rides go down and when they re-open to spend less time waiting in line. 

Put a Disney expert In your pocket

It was supposed to be a magical vacation.  A time to really play with your kids or your friends.  RideSpy is like putting a Disney Expert in your pocket.  You will join a WhatsApp group that is monitored by a Disney expert to help you on your day. 

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Why Do You Need RideSpy?

How Ride Spy Works

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Limited to 250

People Per Park/Per Day

Join the


Set Up Your Account

When you sign up for your account you will give us the days you plan on being in each park (don't worry you can change this at anytime). 




Get Notified

RideSpy will text you throughout the day letting you know when attractions in your Disney Park are closed and re-opened.


Enjoy Your Day

Avoid heading to closed rides,  adjust your plan for the day at a moment's notice, and catch opportunities for shorter lines.  

How much does it cost?

You have impeccable timing.  Right now we are testing the beta version of Ride Spy so it is completely free to use if you are visiting the park in the next 30 days. 

While we are currently taking on beta-testers we will be limiting RideSpy to the first 250 people, per Disney Park per day that sign up for use.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 guests at Disneyland alone per day.  This means only a small number of people will be alerted when the rides go up, so you can board your favorite attractions even faster.  

Beta Sign Up!

1. Fill out the survey on SurveyMonkey by clicking on the signup button.

2. If you qualify, you will be sent information to join the Beta Testers Group on WhatsApp and to start alerts on your phone.

3. If you have questions or feedback, just let us know via WhatsApp. 

That's it! You could be getting notifications in just a few the next 30 minutes.

Beta Tester Qualifications

  • Must have been to Disney at least 10 days in their lifetime to be considered for the beta

  • We discourage folks who only have 1-2 days in the parks per year from participating in this phase of the Beta.

  • You must be willing to join a WhatsApp group to give us feedback on how the app is working for you and ask questions.

  • Understand that you will receive texts throughout the day about rides coming up and back down.

  • Be willing to experiment with your day

  • Understand your experience today will not be representative of what the product will likely look like when we officially launch.

  • To cut the line with RideSpy you must be in the queue no later than 5 minutes after the attraction re-opens for best results.

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