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Tell Us Your Dates

Now we need to make sure we know when to alert you.  Simply enter the dates you plan on being in the park and which park you have reservations for.   During our beta, we are only setting up alerts for 30 days from today or less. 


If your first date is more than 30 days out you will not be able to select a park, but we will send you a text and an email to remind you to add your dates 30 days from your estimated park visit. 

Select Your Parks and Dates

Date Selector

Date Selector

Date Selector

Drop Down of Parks

Drop Down of Parks

Drop Down of Parks

Add Another Day. (click and it adds another line limit to 14 days)

Step 1:

Sign up and tell us when and how to notify you.  

We need to know:

  • When you plan to be in each park

  • Your email to send a confirmation the day before your first park visit

  • Your phone number to text your  if your favorite ride goes down. 

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