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Kid Eating Meal

Picky Mickey

Bringing some magic to finding your favorite foods at Disney Parks...

Find which locations ad Disney Parks can:

  • Accommodate your food allergies

  • Serve the chicken nuggets when that is all your child will eat

  • Find the Pasta your spouse is craving

We are currently working on this tool.  Sign up below if you would like to be alerted when we start the beta. 

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How It Works


Select Your Location

First, we need to know which resort you want to search for (Disneyland Resort in California or Walt Disney World in Florida).

We will also ask for your dates of travel so we can update you if the menu for your favorite locations changes. 


What You Are Looking For?

Simply check all the foods you would like us to show you in the results.

If you select a food allergy/intollerance, we will only show the options available with that food sensitivity (for example, only the Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets and Hamburgers).  


Filter Your Results

Now you will see the results for the selected food types.


You can filter by quick-serve vs. Table Service, locations that serve alcohol, and type of meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).  


*Filtering by which locations serve alcohol and saving your selections are premium services.

Did you know there are 120 restaurants in Disney World Resorts alone?

Disney has a lot of options and despite its reputation, some of those options are some of the best food you might eat on vacation.   


One thing that Disney doesn’t do well is making it easy to see where to find your favorite foods.  This means that to find the perfect meal you need to potentially spend hours reading Disney Food blogs or digging through individual menus.  


We want to help you find your “Happiest Plates on Earth” making sure when you enter the park you are focused on making memories with your family and not planning dinner.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

While the dining options can be dizzying for the average vacation goer when you add severe food allergies, the stress of the trip can be completely overwhelming. 


Luckily, there are few places safer to vacation with severe food allergies and intolerances than Disney properties.  Disney is incredibly careful and accommodating with food allergies.  Happiest Plates on Earth will help you quickly see all of your options.  


Currently, we are only able to search by one food allergy or intolerance at a time, but we are planning on being able to search for multiple food allergies in just a few months.  Disney’s table service restaurants will be the best place for those with multiple food allergies or allergies outside of the top 8 most common allergens. 


Our tool will help you to identify the items that Disney has stated on their menus are available for your particular allergy.  We are simply searching the data Disney has provided to make it easier for you to know what your options are. 


Important: There are a few things we cannot do:

  • Promise A Particular Food Will Be Available- Disney changes vendors, runs out of ingredients, and changes menus quite often.  There is never a guarantee that the food listed will be available or available with the modifications you need.  For this reason, we recommend that those with severe allergies plan at least one backup meal daily. Setting expectations low and being delighted when things work out is key to keeping your day magical.   For this reason, we recommend you not promise your kids a particular food or treat until you have verified at the available location. 

  • Enure Your Item Will Be Allergen-Free:  Disney is incredible with food allergies.  However, you will need to talk with someone at the location to ensure they understand your food allergy's nature and severity.  The biggest benefit to this, especially at table service options, is that often the chefs can offer you additional options that aren’t even on the menu!

  • Make Your Food Come Out Faster- Disney is so diligent with food allergies and intolerances that your food will come out slower.  So be patient and order food before you get too hungry.  Keep the Blue Fairy in your mind, and like she said, “Even miracles take a little time!”


When you pay this much for a vacation, being sick for a day or longer isn’t what anyone wants.  So we want to help connect you to the food that Disney is so great at creating that can accommodate most food allergies.

Picky Eaters

For almost all picky eaters, it isn’t something they are choosing.  Whether it is just a taste preference or a sensory issue we know that having a great day at inside Disney’s parks means needing to find food that will work for the particular child or adult in your life. 


Happiest Plates on Earth will help see which restaurants offer the food that someone in your party might need.  Then you can look at the menu and find the restaurant that works best for your entire family.  


This means last-minute searching through 15 online menus to find the food that will make your sensitive party member smile.   This means more time making memories and less time with your face in your screens trying to find the food that will make everyone happy.


I am not sure what they put in the water, but there is something that makes some of the foods a Disney Parks incredibly crave-able.  Walking on average 5-10 miles a day, makes it easy to work up an appetite.  


Nothing is more frustrating than when you want just one thing, and you can’t figure out where to get that particular craving satisfied in the park.  We help you connect to the foods you are craving faster, giving you time for one more ride or photo op in front of the castle.

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